Monday, June 28, 2010

Hooray, we made it to 1 years old!! What a struggle and a challenge. We have shared so many joys, triumphs, tears, and pain. But to see our boy reach a year old after all that he has been through only proves what a strong little man he really is. We are ever so grateful for the gift of life his donor family gave to us. What a tremendous joy Mason is in our life. We thank our Heavenly Father for giving us this opportunity to take care of such a special spirit.
Although we are home from the Ronald Mcdonald apartments we are still unable to return to our humble abode. For our home is under renovation to remove the mold from exterior walls, add a furnace, and make our home a safe place for our young baby to grow and learn.
We have had wonderful friends who have stepped in and headed up this project and we will be eternally grateful for their efforts in our behalf. We are also grateful to sister Smith for letting us stay in her basement which is like our own apartment. And yes Jineal we also enjoyed staying with you but felt we were imposing way too much on your wonderful family. Besides sister Smith really needs the extra company. We love you all and a forever indebted to you for your friendship and kind deeds that are done on a regular basis.
Today we came to Salt Lake City, Utah to do a biopsy on Masons heart. It is scheduled for tomorrow morning and is a routine procedure. We hope and pray all will go well. Thank you all for your prayers in our behalf.

Never go to sleep without trying to count your many blessings. I always start with 2 and go from there.