Monday, March 29, 2010


I want to get mommys tounge!!!

We have a problem. Sitting in this little apartment going nuts is not doing any of us any good. Trying to get out and do something in a big city with no one around is impossible. Janita wanted to see something new. I wanted to see something used. Mason wanted to see something. So we drove to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Oh, and since Wendover was just ten minutes away, we kinda snuck over the boarder. Although we didn't go in anywhere we were just able to sight see a little. Helped us ease our craziness from just sitting all the time. So here are some pics from our little trip.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here is a video of Mason Enjoying his bouncer. I hope he doesn't grow wings and fly away!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

What's In A Name

Mason, your name was chosen with careful consideration and openness between your mother, father, and your Heavenly Father. We had talked many hours about what we should name you should you be a boy. The only name that sounded right for you was Mason Daniel Bartholomew. At the time of your birth we only new what your name would be, not what it would represent. Now I know why your name is what it is.

Mason means skilled laborer or sculptor of stone. From the time that you were born you were sculpting peoples testimonies. Teaching people to know and understand the foundation for which their faith rests upon. You were able to teach the principles of fasting and prayer to not only you parents but for many people whom your spirit had touched. You have been teaching your parents the importance of relying on your Father in Heaven. Asking for Blessings, and putting all faith in the Lords hands in your behalf. We pray that as you continue your journey in this life, that we as a family and as friends can put the tools in your soul to sculpt yours and the lives of people around from firm foundations of faith to everlasting temples of righteousness.

Daniel was chosen for your middle name, not just for you, but also for your father. This name is to help your father know and understand that you are following him in this life. It is ultimately your choice to follow Gods plan. But it is your fathers obligation to teach you what your heavenly father wants you to know.

Bartholomew is the final part of your name. This name has been handed down many generations, and will continue to be so till the end of time. You as well as I have and obligation to our forefathers to uphold this name in righteousness. To carry it on into the millennium with honor. I pray that you will take this name and cherish it as much as we cherish you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We have had a fun couple of days. It is very nice to make memories as a family like a long extended vacation. Yesterday we snuck up to preston, all of us, to see the house and visit with family. I also filled a WIC check while I was there. We got back to SLC around 2:30 AM. It was a lot of fun to see the excitement on families faces to see little Mason. Mom was happy to finally see her house again.

Today we went to Walmart and bought a loaf of bread and some sandwiches and went to Liberty Park to feed the ducks. We were able to get the ducks to come just a couple of feet from us. Mason was so cute, when the ducks quacked Mason would do his grunt. It was so funny. We even got the seagulls to come and eat bread. The seagulls would try to catch the bread before it hit the ground. Some were pretty good at it. My dogs won't even try to catch anything with their mouth. When Mom was throwing bread Mason reached out and grabbed the slice of bread from her and pulled it apart putting some in his mouth. I wonder if this means he is ready for real food. A sign is a sign.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well here it is clinic day again. We thought all was well. Mason seems to be doing good. Janita is still sick. So I took Mason to clinic myself while Janita stayed home to keep from getting anyone else sick. The doctors, I think, were more concerned for Janitas heath than Mason. So they said they would try to find a cheap place for Janita to go to get checked out. Mason took five pokes from I.V. Team to get enough blood for testing. My poor little boy. I felt so bad. After the fourth time I told them they get one more shot. No blood, No more tries. So they got it the fifth time.
Janita was told that she has a cold virus and that antibiotics would not help her. She still has a mild fever and has been wearing a face mask 24 hours a day since Saturday. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. So while Janita was at the doctors getting her check up, Emily Bullock called to inform me that Mason now has a clot starting to form on one of his sutures. So now we will b giving in an injection to thin his blood and to break up the clot. We are a little scared for his health but were informed this isn't too uncommon. Mason did get to drop his Calcium Carbonate permanently. WOO-HOO!! Home health came to show us how to administer his new injection. She was very professional. She also made sure we felt confident in what we were doing. I hope things start to settle down. This up and down emotional roller coaster is getting old. I just want my boy healthy and safe. Today I feel like I am just overstressed with all that is going on. All the drugs, take one away, add another. When does it end. I hope it gets better.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We went to the 25th anniversary for heart transplants on saturday. Janitas sister Jeanna drove down from preston to watch Mason while we went. It was an awesome opportunity for us to see other patients young and old, to help us know and understand that this really was a good idea for our little man. It was awesome to see how well all the doctors from four hospitals work so closely with each other to learn and teach amongst themselves for greater successes in the future. Dr. Evverett and Emily Bullock were both recognized at this dinner for their expertise. Two of which we work so closely with. The dinner was $40 per person, but ours were already paid for. Dad spent most of the time holding back tears of excitement to see such success. Mason was unable to go but we took a photo of him with us. The advancement in heart medicine is progressing in leaps and bounds. We also took a moment of silence for all of our donors and families. What a great opportunity to show respect for those who were willing to share their lives with us. I can honestly say that I have been grateful for this time to learn and understand the transplant process in great depth. I don't wish this on anyone, but I do know that it is not impossible to get through. We have grown in knowledge and spirit during this time. We also hope to continue to grow in the future. One thing we have found that really helps us get through this is to speak with other families who have gone through or will go through this. You learn to become a family with many other people. You understand some of what they are going through and they know that you kinda understand. We have met many new friends through this experience. We had no idea there were so many families struggling with CHD. I now know and understand that we are not alone. We are grateful that even families who have lost children to CHD don't give up. They still work hard amongst the group to help the rest of us. We really admire their strength.

Today we received a phone call from Emily Bullock that Mason can quit taking his lasik. We are so excited 1 down 13 more to go. Thanks for all who pray for us and keep us going strong.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

to be continued

Friday, March 5, 2010






Yea it is finally gone it would have been gone when i got out of the hospital but we didn't have a prescription for them to come and pick it up so we had to wait to get a prescription but it is gone know and we are all so happy!!
Mason hated his Oxygen he was on it for about three months he would suck on it or put it up on his nose so we had to tape it to his face. It was a pain for us to untangle him from the hose carry the tank everywhere when we had to go so we are as happy as mason to see it go....

one good day!!!

Today Has been a pretty good day mason woke up happy, and

ready to play!!! Mom and Dad was still real tired so mom moved

me over to there bed hoping to go back to sleep!! But I got them

up when i had a blow out all over there sheets! I have a way at

getting what I want, they both got up in a hurry! I never thought A kid could poop so much

these meds make it bad I poop and spit up all day the doc said the meds make me. I will change

meds in about 3 more weeks so it should get better, mom hopes. I

could play all day I am loving my new heart. I have so much

energy I squeal and talk and kick, and play all day!! My mommy

and Daddy love me so much!!! And I have to say I love them too!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This has been a fun morning for me (Daniel). Mason has been awake since about 8 this morning. I have been up with him so Janita can sleep. All he wants to do is coo and caw. He enjoys playing and sitting on dads lap. He is in such a good mood. He had a little bit of Tylenol yesterday. But he really doesn't even act like he is hurting. He is so amazingly tough. And a lot of fun. I love to hear him squeal.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We have had a wonderful day today. We had a writer for the Idaho Preston Citizen newspaper come to our apartment to interview us on the behalf of Masons transplant. I hope that they are able to understand how we feel and can properly write those feelings for us. We are very grateful for our blessings in our life. We understand that it is Gods will as to what happens with our son. We are grateful for friends and family for all their help. This has been an interesting challenge for our family. We have also been invited to go to a dinner celebrating 25 years of heart transplants. The price is $40.00 per plate. But luckily our dinner was paid for by someone else. Mason will be babysat while we attend. We have decided that we will take a picture of Mason with us and place it on the table. I am amazed at how well Mason has healed and how far we have come in the advancement in heart medicine. I found a video on webmd for heart transplants where the heart is still beating on an artificial machine. Reducing the chances for rejection, and also the amount of damage done to the heart from being transported below 50 degrees. I think this is way cool. if you can you should check it out. Mason is being fussy today, I think because he is still teething. He doesn't want to eat. I hope this goes away soon.