Monday, March 8, 2010

We went to the 25th anniversary for heart transplants on saturday. Janitas sister Jeanna drove down from preston to watch Mason while we went. It was an awesome opportunity for us to see other patients young and old, to help us know and understand that this really was a good idea for our little man. It was awesome to see how well all the doctors from four hospitals work so closely with each other to learn and teach amongst themselves for greater successes in the future. Dr. Evverett and Emily Bullock were both recognized at this dinner for their expertise. Two of which we work so closely with. The dinner was $40 per person, but ours were already paid for. Dad spent most of the time holding back tears of excitement to see such success. Mason was unable to go but we took a photo of him with us. The advancement in heart medicine is progressing in leaps and bounds. We also took a moment of silence for all of our donors and families. What a great opportunity to show respect for those who were willing to share their lives with us. I can honestly say that I have been grateful for this time to learn and understand the transplant process in great depth. I don't wish this on anyone, but I do know that it is not impossible to get through. We have grown in knowledge and spirit during this time. We also hope to continue to grow in the future. One thing we have found that really helps us get through this is to speak with other families who have gone through or will go through this. You learn to become a family with many other people. You understand some of what they are going through and they know that you kinda understand. We have met many new friends through this experience. We had no idea there were so many families struggling with CHD. I now know and understand that we are not alone. We are grateful that even families who have lost children to CHD don't give up. They still work hard amongst the group to help the rest of us. We really admire their strength.

Today we received a phone call from Emily Bullock that Mason can quit taking his lasik. We are so excited 1 down 13 more to go. Thanks for all who pray for us and keep us going strong.

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