Friday, March 5, 2010

one good day!!!

Today Has been a pretty good day mason woke up happy, and

ready to play!!! Mom and Dad was still real tired so mom moved

me over to there bed hoping to go back to sleep!! But I got them

up when i had a blow out all over there sheets! I have a way at

getting what I want, they both got up in a hurry! I never thought A kid could poop so much

these meds make it bad I poop and spit up all day the doc said the meds make me. I will change

meds in about 3 more weeks so it should get better, mom hopes. I

could play all day I am loving my new heart. I have so much

energy I squeal and talk and kick, and play all day!! My mommy

and Daddy love me so much!!! And I have to say I love them too!!!

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