Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We have had a wonderful day today. We had a writer for the Idaho Preston Citizen newspaper come to our apartment to interview us on the behalf of Masons transplant. I hope that they are able to understand how we feel and can properly write those feelings for us. We are very grateful for our blessings in our life. We understand that it is Gods will as to what happens with our son. We are grateful for friends and family for all their help. This has been an interesting challenge for our family. We have also been invited to go to a dinner celebrating 25 years of heart transplants. The price is $40.00 per plate. But luckily our dinner was paid for by someone else. Mason will be babysat while we attend. We have decided that we will take a picture of Mason with us and place it on the table. I am amazed at how well Mason has healed and how far we have come in the advancement in heart medicine. I found a video on webmd for heart transplants where the heart is still beating on an artificial machine. Reducing the chances for rejection, and also the amount of damage done to the heart from being transported below 50 degrees. I think this is way cool. if you can you should check it out. Mason is being fussy today, I think because he is still teething. He doesn't want to eat. I hope this goes away soon.

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