Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well here it is clinic day again. We thought all was well. Mason seems to be doing good. Janita is still sick. So I took Mason to clinic myself while Janita stayed home to keep from getting anyone else sick. The doctors, I think, were more concerned for Janitas heath than Mason. So they said they would try to find a cheap place for Janita to go to get checked out. Mason took five pokes from I.V. Team to get enough blood for testing. My poor little boy. I felt so bad. After the fourth time I told them they get one more shot. No blood, No more tries. So they got it the fifth time.
Janita was told that she has a cold virus and that antibiotics would not help her. She still has a mild fever and has been wearing a face mask 24 hours a day since Saturday. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. So while Janita was at the doctors getting her check up, Emily Bullock called to inform me that Mason now has a clot starting to form on one of his sutures. So now we will b giving in an injection to thin his blood and to break up the clot. We are a little scared for his health but were informed this isn't too uncommon. Mason did get to drop his Calcium Carbonate permanently. WOO-HOO!! Home health came to show us how to administer his new injection. She was very professional. She also made sure we felt confident in what we were doing. I hope things start to settle down. This up and down emotional roller coaster is getting old. I just want my boy healthy and safe. Today I feel like I am just overstressed with all that is going on. All the drugs, take one away, add another. When does it end. I hope it gets better.

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