Friday, March 19, 2010

What's In A Name

Mason, your name was chosen with careful consideration and openness between your mother, father, and your Heavenly Father. We had talked many hours about what we should name you should you be a boy. The only name that sounded right for you was Mason Daniel Bartholomew. At the time of your birth we only new what your name would be, not what it would represent. Now I know why your name is what it is.

Mason means skilled laborer or sculptor of stone. From the time that you were born you were sculpting peoples testimonies. Teaching people to know and understand the foundation for which their faith rests upon. You were able to teach the principles of fasting and prayer to not only you parents but for many people whom your spirit had touched. You have been teaching your parents the importance of relying on your Father in Heaven. Asking for Blessings, and putting all faith in the Lords hands in your behalf. We pray that as you continue your journey in this life, that we as a family and as friends can put the tools in your soul to sculpt yours and the lives of people around from firm foundations of faith to everlasting temples of righteousness.

Daniel was chosen for your middle name, not just for you, but also for your father. This name is to help your father know and understand that you are following him in this life. It is ultimately your choice to follow Gods plan. But it is your fathers obligation to teach you what your heavenly father wants you to know.

Bartholomew is the final part of your name. This name has been handed down many generations, and will continue to be so till the end of time. You as well as I have and obligation to our forefathers to uphold this name in righteousness. To carry it on into the millennium with honor. I pray that you will take this name and cherish it as much as we cherish you.

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