Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wow its been a while Mom and Dad have been stressed, trying to get mason to eat better has been lots of work. He now has a feeding tube (tube we place threw his nose down his throat in to his stomach). we started out bolus feeding him ( gravity feed done through a large syringe) but he threw more up this way than we could keep down. So now we are feeding him what he will throughout the day then doing a continuous feed ( we use the same tube but have pump that feeds him slowly through the night) for some extra calories. Mason is pulling himself up to his feet trying to crawl and is growing so fast. We have been out for walks in the sunshine. Mason has a new car that we push around with him in. I think he likes it. He always has a smile on his face. Dad went home for a few days this last week to get some spring cleaning done. He tried really hard to get everything done. But he was most impressed to come back and see how much his little man had grown.

We learned today through Face book that another Mason received a new heart during the Easter weekend and now his body is rejecting his heart. As soon as we found out we were praying for him. We pray that all goes well and that he will heal quickly. We were very fortunate to be blessed with such a quick recovery with our son. We feel so badly for this other family. We can only imagine what stress they are under. We will continue to pray for this little Mason until we hear otherwise in his behalf. We know and understand prayers work and do not hesitate when someone asks in their behalf. We had so many people praying for us. We could spend a year on our knees and never compensate for the prayers in our behalf.

We have some friends putting together a fundraiser in our behalf to help fix our house so that it is healthy for Masons return home. We are so grateful to all those involved. We will do everything in our ability to help repay the debt to all those that are extending their assets and abilities in our behalf. We feel a great debt to those who are so willing to help us. All that we can say is THANK YOU!!! We hope to extend a hand to others in need.

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  1. We are glade Mason is doing good-the feedings. I've been thinking about you guys.Rebecca