Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From mommies heart to Mason

Mason I love you. I want to hold you so tight even though it has only been a couple of nights, I long to hold you. It feel like it has been forever since I held you close. I was hoping today would be the day I could hold you in my arms, but instead another day I couldn't hold you in my arms. I miss you buddy oh so much you are moms best friend. I promise you will feel better. I would never let anyone hurt you if it wasn't for your own good. Boy I promise you will feel better. I love you oh so much. I hope tomorrow you will smile at me. I miss it oh so much.

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  1. Soon you will get to hold him and squeeze him. I remember after transplant the day came to take his breathing tube out I was beyond excited it had been over two months since I had seen my little mans lips. Then they had to postpone extibating him one more day. I was devestated. I tried to be strong but I had to leave for a while and just cry. It felt like an eternity but soon he will be smiling and snuggling with you. I am so happy for you guys.