Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We woke up and came to PICU at 8am. we had the opportunity to meet with another heart mom this morning. I am amazed at how many children have CHD. I think these children are whats pushing the medical advances into leaps and bounds. What blessing these children are to all of us.
Mason was wide awake when we came to his room. We have to wear a mask around him and all he did was stare at us. They said he has been eating pretty good by mouth. He took his meds by mouth this morning too.

We have grown tremendously together as a family. We understand more fully how to rely on each other to get us through every day. We have a testimony of fasting and prayers.We know and have physical evidence of the miracles that can be performed. Our Heavenly Father loves us and has great desires for us. How grateful we are for all of our many blessings. We are also grateful for the MANY prayers in our behalf. We are grateful for our many friends and family wanting to have a desire and have been able to help us along the way. We are grateful for the many shoulders we have had when times were tough.

We want to express our feelings to the family who saved my sons life. We love you whomever you are. Your blessing to us will never go unrecognized. We pray that blessings will be poured upon your family during this time of grief. We apologize for your tragedy but your legacy will continue. What a great sacrifice you have made in our behalf. I pray that this experience does not hinder your spiritual growth. Again we love you and are grateful you said yes.

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