Sunday, February 28, 2010

WE ARE GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am all dressed and ready to go in my new outfit and hat that I got from a really nice nurse. Yesterday was a big day. We got all packed up and out of the hospital. We are officially out of the hospital with Mason, and boy does it feel good. Mason got some visitors as soon as we got home. Mandy and Jon Winn stopped by and we had an excellent visit with them. Then Jeana showed up and she was able to spend some time with us and see her nephew. Then Jacyn and Nicole. Wow quite the crew. But it was so much fun.We then found out that our good friends from downstairs have found a house in Ogden and are moving today. We will miss them but know that it is the next step in their journey. Matt donated his own kidney to his son Henry. So we all have become good friends and understand each others feelings pretty good. We even went to the temple with them. What an excellent experience that was. Now we have to find new friends.
One of our new friends are Raychel and Cody up a PCMC. Raychel is 19 and waiting for a Heart transplant. We pray for them and hope she gets her heart soon. We hope that things that we have said have been helpful to get them through their journey. But sometimes just having a friend to talk to is helpful. At least for us. Good luck to them.

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  1. You are so right about that it is very helpful to have someone to talk too, who actually understands. Thank you and dan both for everything. Wish you both and Mason good luck in the future