Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has been another day, and although Mason is healing well mom is having a hard time not being able to hold him. She is trying to endure although very painful for her. She is so wonderful for the hours she spends next to his bedside. It has become very difficult for me to work on my see-food diet. I believe I may have lost some weight here. It is still hard to believe that he has a new heart. But to look at his face only reassures me that it is in there. Mason is such a tough boy and is still continuing to eat well. He still sleeps a bit but when he is awake he is wide awake. I think sleep catches him by surprise cause all of the sudden he is out like a light.
We heard and interesting saying the other day "When life throws you curve balls, We just have to try to hit them out of the park" Well watch out Masons a heavy hitter. Good luck little man. Keep doing what your doing. We love you!!!

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