Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Janita and Dan are back at the apartment. Hopefully we can get a good nights sleep. It will be hard with Mason so far away. A little over a mile but it is still to far. Today he and mommy spent a good deal of time together. He really loves to hold her finger. I call it the comfort hold. He is really content when he does this. We have one of our favorite nurses on. Her name is Judy the Candy Lady. Everybody loves when she works. But we find it very comforting to see that by her demeanor we can tell that she knows what she is doing. Janita received a letter from her visiting teacher today with the relief society newsletter. Our Salt Lake address was in the newsletter, asking to send letters of encouragement. I watch Masons mother struggle holding back tears of joy and tears of sorrow for her valiant prince. To watch him in agonizing pain at times before medicine intervenes. Knowing the only thing she can do is watch and wait for him to get comfortable again. She wants to be the mother the soothes her child with love not with medication. To hug him when he sad or in pain. To hold him close to her heart. And to let him know she only asks God for the best for him. I can only imagine what her heart must feel like. Janita, Soon you will get to be a mother to that child. Soon you will put him in your arms and hold him. Soon you will teach your son how to thank God for his life and many blessings given to him on this earth. As much as you teach him, he will teach you. He loves you and is only confused at this time. He is young and this too will soon pass. Love him today, Chase him tomorrow.

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