Saturday, February 13, 2010

We have successfully made it through another night. Mason handled his feeds very well. Not as fussy as prior nights. I think we might be getting somewhere. His oxygen is back in range to before we brought him in and he seems to be pretty stable. We have been talking with the cardiologists the last couple of days about sometime possibly doing the glen procedure. This is another big surgery for him but is only designed to keep his oxygen sats at normal. This has no effect on the pulmonary artery disease or the waiting list criteria. It is only to allow for more oxygen through the pulmonary arteries. We discussed concerns that we have had, and now feel more confident about the procedure but would rather have the heart transplant. The only reason they would continue to do this surgery is if his oxygen continues to go down and stay down before transplant. Then they would be forced to do the surgery. We have asked people on our facebook to pray for Mason to get a new heart and to pray for the family that will be donating. It is tough for us to be given the greatest sacrifice in order for our lives to continue somewhat normal. What a beautiful gift that will be. We will cherish it for forever. We know for assurity that God hand is in all that we do. There is nothing that we can say or do that changes what God wants done with our Angel.

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