Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday the day after Transplant...

Masons ventilator was pulled out today around 4:30 pm. It was a little startling for the nurses and us for a second because when he gets mad he stops breathing. But it was nice to see him turn pink when he decided to breathe agian. Mom and Dad got good sleep last night and feel very refreshed for the day. We will be sleeping at the Ronald Mcdonald house tonight to try to get more rested. Mason is still pretty sedated but may get to eat tonight. Finally, poor kid I think is starving. They want him to gain wieght but starve him how convenient. It appears his overall recovery is going well. If he keeps doing this well we may get moved upstairs by thursday. That would be way cool. Right now its very crowded in the room we are in.


  1. Your little man looks fantastic! Upstairs by Thursday,he is a superstar! Keep it up sweet boy!

  2. The miracles of modern medicine. Great news!