Sunday, February 14, 2010

We received the news at 2pm that we have a heart offer, from the nurse that was not suppose to say anything but could not hold her composure especially with us pushing her to tell us. (she was practically crying and by the way she acted we new something was up). She said to act excited when the Doctor came in and we did it wasn't hard at all to be excited when she came 30 min later. Instantly we started crying because we were so happy we was getting a heart for valentines. But at the same time our heart ached for the family that lost there sweet angel. Both Dan and I instantly started calling family. We were suppose to get test results at 4pm but never got them tell around 5:30 that they all came back okay. We are so excited to start this procedure it was suppose to start at 9:00 but they came and told us there will be a delay because they are trying to place the other organs before they take the child off life support. We have had my family down Mom and Dad, Jen, Jineal, Chris, Jeana, Jeramiah, Kylie. It has been helpful to have them to talk to to pass the time. Mason is so hungry he has not eaten since10am we have all been trying to play with him to take his mind off of it but I don't know how much longer he is going to last he is starving. He is so upset now but after he receives his heart I think he will be a whole new kid. We love Mason so much.It is now 10:45 pm only to receive the latest news that his surgery will be 5 am.

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