Thursday, February 25, 2010

We have been preparing for our discharge from the hospital TOMORROW!!! We are so excited for Masons speedy recovery. Six months left till we go all the way home to Idaho. We also got to go and watch the KSL Radiothon today, here at PCMC. What a great world we live in when so many people can come together for a great cause and make every miracle count. We are so impressed with the amount of dollars that came in. $81,860 from 4pm - 12am. Mason sure has left an impression on all the nurses here. They think he is way cute and they have never experienced a baby so willing to take medications. Mason, your parents are proud of you. We love you and pray that you will recover quickly, so you can return home with us. Congratulations for the quick recovery so far.

He still is sucking like crazy on his hands, and if we can see correctly, there may be another tooth on its way. Can anyone say steak and potatoes? He is awfully noisy when he starts sucking on his hands. We have brought up his teethers but for some odd reason his hands taste better. Dad don't like his hands in his mouth, cuz that where germs come from. but the nurses told him to get over it. Thanks! He even had a cookie today as you can tell he REALLY enjoyed that.

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