Friday, February 12, 2010

We have returned to Primary Childrens Hospital on Tuesday Feb 9, 2010. Due to excessiv vomiting and dehydration. We went to clinic the day before and addressed these issues with the DR. and was informed that if his condition worsens or continues within the next couple of days than he would need to be admitted. He did not do well overnight so the decision was to have him admitted. His first night we observed his eating patterns noticing a decline in intake and a little vomiting. Night two he was given an NG Tube and absolutely hated it. He was fed 50cc per hr. for 12hrs. he made it 6hrs and vomited. So after a review the Drs. decided to lower his intake to 30cc and review the next day. He handled this much better but acted very full. Day three, we dropped it to 20cc per hr. and he acted hungry upon waking. Day four, we will be giving him 30cc per hr for 12hrs. to see if he can handle it. He seems much happier and is getting more energy. This in turn gives him longer time to play with Mommy and Daddy, that we love.

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